Are You Available?

      People often mistaken availability for ability. Just when God called Moses to deliver HIs people, Moses had an excuse. Panic set in. He had killed one man and knowing that Pharaoh was out to kill him, he told God he couldn't confront Pharaoh because he had no ability tp speak to Pharaoh, but God didn't ask him if he was able, he called him and told him, he would give him the words to say. How many Christians today have the Moses Syndrome? God calls them to run for politics. If people would hear God call them and respond with, here. I am, Lord! Send me," I think our country would be better off. Our nation is in the state it is because no one rose to seats of government. It is God who gives us power. All he ask is for you to say Yes to His call. When Isaiah said, "Here I am, Lord..." he also confessed he had uncleaned lips, but God took care of that and made his lips clean. God knows we are not perfect. Even President Trump didn't have a sinless life. (No one does.) But Trump answered the call God had on his life, including becoming  

      Christian. he couldn't have the anointing on him unless he came to know Jesus. You might disagree with that, but I am fully convinced that God anointed him. My question for you is: Are you available? Haggai criticized the people in his time. He said, "Consider your ways." They were too busy with their own lives to help with the building of the temple that it laid in ruins. And some Christians are that way today. Too busy with their own lives to run for office. Just think how much better America would be if years ago, believers would answer God's call: 

"Are you available?" "


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